While working for a public/private/tribal reform initiative for Washington State’s child welfare system back in 2001, I was introduced to the idea of ‘systems thinking’ while attending a Pegasus CommunicationsSystems Thinking in Action’ conference.  From that time on, I became an enthusiastic student of systems thinking (as described at the conference and in The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge.  I’ve since learned about variations and expansions to the core ideas I know as ‘systems thinking’; we can get into that another time.)

Graduate school deepened my understanding about systems, as have the last five years as an organizational and systems change consultant.  And it continues, the more I read and apply–increasing ‘systems understanding’ in myself and others every chance I get.

From structuring an organizational analysis to teaching about sustainability in my kids’ science classes, I help people of all ages to ask big questions, to look through multiple perspectives, to consider interconnections, time delays, and other important concepts related to systems thinking.   I do this all because of a core belief that I hold as a mother/daughter/wife/friend/citizen/consultant/community member: that thinking systemically leads to wiser decision-making.

I’m an organizational development consultant and systems thinking advocate based out of Tacoma, Washington. I’m passionate about helping people to learn and apply a systems perspective–and its attendant ideas, including interdependence, feedback and patience–wherever a systems perspective is needed.

Since that covers a lot of territory, I tend to spend a great deal of time connecting eager systems learners with learned systems teachers.  (Which am I?? A bit of both, I believe.)  This blog is a foray into the land of online connecting of ideas, people and emergence.  I’m only one part of this system, and you’re another.

Let’s talk!

– N.L.


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