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A Sign of the Times


A friend asked me the other day why I don’t have a blog.  “The workload of keeping up a blog is intimidating,” I told her.  “It’s a lot of writing, and there’s pressure for coming up with new posts all the time.”  She reminded me that as a systems thinking consultant, I have plenty of fodder for blog posts.  It’s true: systemic issues are all over the place if you’re paying attention: in a newspaper article about the economy; in dinnertime conversation about my kids’ social lives; in analyzing team dynamics within a client organization.

“OK,” I said, “but if people want to talk about systems thinking with me, they can call me.”  My friend shook her head.  “People are busy and would like a quick dose of the thinking you and your colleagues are doing.  There’s not always time for a workshop or even a coffee chat.  More like a quick read.”

I considered her point–a good one, I thought–and thought of another sign of the times.  With all the tumultuous changes happening in organizations today, there seems to be both less time yet more need for thinking expansively and strategically.  Same for the what I see happening in the local and national news.

“I think you should blog,” says my friend, “just to give short, sweet examples of systems and systems thinking applications to your clients, colleagues and friends.  Things that they can relate to.  They’ll appreciate it, and might even use it.  And isn’t that your goal?  To help others use more systems thinking?”

She may be right.  So for my friend and anyone else who’s interested building his/her systems thinking muscles with some quick reading, I’m following the signs, and starting a semi-regular blog.  The intention is for it to be about systems thinking, ST resources as I learn about them, and observations about how ST is being applied–or not–in organizations, schools and in my own life.  I hope the ideas here help to generate some good thoughts for your own use, and point you in useful directions for your own learning journey.

PS: Like a lot I’ll be posting here, this idea of a systems thinking blog is a good, one and not original!  See the sidebar on right for some of my go-to systems thinking blogs and websites.